OK- So I have not been updating this page on a regular basis anymore. Things have gotten a little busy, and the training schedule has gotten more demanding, and I know- WAH!WAH!
Well, here's where we stand as of today...
Thanks to the generous support of our friends and family, we have reached and slightly exceeded our fundraising goal of $12,400!! It feels so good to know that we will be helping the LLS move one step closer to finding a cure for blood-related cancers.
On the training front, we have been gradually increasing our weekend mileage, but unfortunately, due to work commitments, we have not been adhering to our weekly training schedule as we should. For this reason, our bodies have been a little 'upset' with us lately. We did get back on track last week, and completed 16 miles on Saturday. Batch is currently experiencing some problems with his knee so we will be praying for that this week as we face the challenge of 18 BIG ONES next Saturday!!! It is still hard for me to believe that I am actually running that much at one time. :)
Well, I think that is all for now. I will be adding some more entries this week as we plan our activities for the week we are in Maui. Please take a minute to check out our donors page. These people are the ones who are making the real difference!